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Learn how to #FriendBetter with R U OK?

Posted By ,
29/08/2023 13:00 PM
Like good friends, some things are just better together. The support of a good mate can help someone feel connected and supported as they navigate life's ups and downs. This...

Embracing Inclusivity: The Importance of NAIDOC Week

Posted By Monique,
04/07/2023 10:00 AM
At Vivid, we firmly believe in the power of inclusivity and cultural awareness. As part of our commitment to providing equitable mental health services, we actively embrace and celebrate NAIDOC Week....

All The Good Stuff That Happens To Your Body When You Take A Break From Alcohol - Dry July 2023

Posted By Alana Wulff,
03/07/2023 00:00 AM
There’s nothing quite like going out with your mates for a big night or two (or three), but there’s also nothing as satisfying as realising you’ve managed to sidestep another time-wasting, hangry...